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Are you ready for a “Me Time” activity that is fun, makes you feel sexy, gives you a full body workout and has the vivacious Caribbean vibe? Then this workout created in Trinidad, West Indies is perfect for  you. Find out more about why we started here.

SHEflex Benefits:

  • Puts you in a better mood. It is very unlikely that you will leave your SHEflex session in a bad mood.
  • It is an awesome social activitiy.
  • The class gets your heart pumping a little faster and definitely improves your cardiovascular health. The Caribbean music is very infectious and makes it impossible to remain still.
  • Even though you are having so much fun, it is still a workout, therefore if accompanied with a proper diet it will work for weight loss.
  • Learning the simple routines will result in better coordination and improved mental health.
  • Available to all adult women regardless of age, size or previous experience.

A fun & sexy
For women


SHEflex Pump

High energy exotic dance moves and routines


SHEflex Dance

Low impact exotic moves and routines


SHEflex Pole

Exotic dance/gymnastics moves to improve strength, flexibility and endurance


SHEflex Tone

Interval training using strength and toning exercises plus flexibility stretching

two main ways to enjoy sheflexclasses or parties

SHEflex Sessions


Join scheduled group classes in studio, book private sessions or have 24/7 access on demand to online classes.

SHEflex Parties


As an activity in your female event – Girls’ Night Out, Bachelorette, Birthday etc. Either at our studio or at your location.

A haven for females!!! I have enjoyed every single class I have been to….no regrets. SHE casa is life. To be honest I get “SHE tabanca” when I can’t make it to class! It is without a doubt, a confidence builder for females. 

Sharlene - (age 34)
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