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Ready to be your best S.H.E. – Sexy Healthy Energetic?

A fun
For women

SHEflex Pump

High energy, cardio based exotic dance moves and routines

SHEflex Dance

Low impact exotic moves and routines plus stretching exercises for flexibility

SHEflex Pole

Exotic dance/gymnastics moves to improve strength, flexibility and endurance

SHEflex Tone

Interval training using strength and toning exercises with weights or body weight

Caribbean Dance-fitness Therapy for women to temporarily ignore the stresses of everyday life while being Sexy Healthy Energetic – SHE!

various packages to suit your needs


online sessions


Access anytime, anywhere. Live sessions 5 days per week with online access to classes 24/7

in person sessions


Feed off the vibes from other like-minded women in the face-to-face sessions.

one-on-one sessions


Personalized attention for individuals or a private group.

SHEflex Parties


Let us host your party – Bachelorette, Birthday or any celebration. 

A haven for females!!! I have enjoyed every single class I have been to….no regrets. SHE casa is life. To be honest I get “SHE tabanca” when I can’t make it to class! It is without a doubt, a confidence builder for females. 

Sharlene - (age 34)
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