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SHEflex Dance Fitness

SHEflex is the signature dance-fitness activity created for SHE Casa – a multipurpose lifestyle centre for women located in Trinidad and Tobago. Through movevement of the body, the session is meant to give women the opportunity to feel liberated in a safe and supportive space. Some of the movements are quite provovocative and allow the participants to be in touch with their feminine sensual side. All in all, the class encourages women to be S.H.E. – Sexy Healthy Energetic!

The creator of SHEflex and main instructor is Joella Corneille – the founder of SHE Casa. Joella has over 30 years of training and performing in various genres of dance coupled with over 20 years training, experience and successfully competing in aerobics and dance-fitness. However, with all this experience it was her love for Carnival and partying, her infectious energy and her own self esteem issues that led her to create SHEflex.



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